i4 Art is a member owned artist network exploring opportunities in blockchain based digital art. Our mission is to empower artists and grow the digital art movement through onboarding, education and community.

What Do We Do?

We buy digital art, and sell for more later. We also buy art for groups and individuals.

We onboard new artists to blockchain, and purchase NFT minting rights from artists not interested in dealing with crypto.

We educate and mentor artists, to maximize their potential.

100% Artist Owned

i4 searches the crypto-verse and internet for artistic gems. Our members include many of the most prominent crypto artists, with expertise in the following areas:

Featured Art:

This piece “Happier Times” was acquired off the back of a strong proposal from Matt Kane who said:

"Happier Times" is a title that resonates with me right now, released within a time of global upheaval and pandemic. Mario Klingemann is an established and respected artist within the generative and GAN practices. His recent Rarible NFT's have been selling between 0.25 - 1.0 ETH - true bargains this early in his NFT minting career.”

Founding Members


For the love of art, create!
Matt Kane

Artist & Programmer. Generative Art. Creative Code. Dimensional Paintings.
Eric Arsenault

Designer of blockchain based digital organisations. I make art in my spare time.

Crypto Art + Early Adopter + Contemporary Art + Art Director + Stereoscopic 3D

Sculptor of rare digital art. Channeling the as yet unwritten mythologies of the metaverse.
William M. Peaster

Creator of the DeFi Arts Intelligencer, William M. Peaster is a writer, editor, and artist involved with all things Ethereum.

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